COVID-19 (coronavirus) Notice:

During the coronavirus shelter-in-place directive, three centralized delivery locations have been established for campus deliveries. For individuals shipping product to SOE Receiving, no changes. Likewise, Thimann Labs Receiving will continue to accept all packages with that shipping address. All other UCSC packages will be managed by UCSC Receiving (use ship-to code UCR), who will accept and hold all packages for Departments that are either closed or limited in hours of operations. This includes packages delivered by US Postal Service Mail, UPS, FedEx, and DHL as well as freight. Mail can be pickup at Central Receiving, Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm.
Please keep in mind that, due to limited storage space, all purchases should be directly related to the continuation of university business while the shelter-in-place directive is active. If the purchase is not essential, please wait until the directive is lifted.
  • For orders already placed, all deliveries of items through third party carriers must inform the shippers of this change so that carriers can route packages to H Barn;
  • Receiving will accept these items and attempt, when possible, to contact departments;
  • Departments expecting shipment should, when possible, inform Receiving as to incoming shipments;
  • Mail and 3rd Party packages can be picked up Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm.
  • Departments not expecting to return until the end of the order should contact Receiving so longer-ranged storage can be arranged.
As a backup while the coronavirus shelter-in-place directive is active, UCSC product may also be shipped to an employee's residence. Here are the requirements:
  • Product must be needed for the continuation of university business during the shelter-in-place directive;
  • The requester's supervisor must enter a CruzBuy comment or attach a note stating that he/she is aware that university product is being shipped to the specific employee's personal residence and that the product will be tracked to ensure it is returned to the university once the shelter-in-place directive is lifted;
  • Use "Special Instructions" ship-to code;
  • Enter shipping address in the internal notes field in the requisition.
Each request will be reviewed by a buyer and will not be processed until all of the above are met. ​​​ 

Welcome to the Receiving Services website!

Located at Barn H, Receiving Services offers shipping & receiving services, moving services, surplus services, rentals, and e-waste recycling services for the University. Please select from one of the above links for more information about our services. 

Drop Offs (Ewaste/Surplus)

-- Anything dropped off will require a FOAPAL for staff handling, charged in 15 minute increments and anything deemed trash will also be charged a Dimeo landfill fee. Hazardous waste is not to be dropped off at Receiving. Recyclables are handled by the Recycling department at PPDO (including batteries and lightbulbs). Any questions, please contact us.

Resources for Receiving, Shipping, Moving and Surplus Services

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