Surplus Services

All sales of surplus University owned property must be administered by Receiving Services. Receiving Services offers:

  • Pick-up of surplus items
  • Determining the resale value of surplus items
  • Advertising items for sale to campus units and the general public
  • Distributing the proceeds of the sale back to campus unit of origin when applicable
  • Disposal of non-saleable items
  • Disposal of  e-waste items

Drop Offs (Ewaste/Surplus)

Anything dropped off will require a FOAPAL for staff handling, charged in 15 minute increments and anything deemed trash will also be charged a Dimeo landfill fee. Hazardous waste is not to be dropped off at Receiving. Recyclables are handled by the Recycling department at PPDO (including batteries and lightbulbs). Any questions, please contact us.