Shipping & Receiving

Receiving Services offers shipping, receiving and delivery services to the University. 


If you would like to ship a package out through Receiving Services and would like us to pick it up from your location, please email your request to to schedule a pickup. 

If you need a shipping memo, one can be found here

Receiving and Deliveries

If it is necessary to have a shipment delivered to Receiving Services, please make sure it is addressed to:

Receiving Services / H-Barn
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Please email us at in advance of the delivery date to help ensure that Receiving personnel are available to receive your shipment and to coordinate a time to deliver it to your campus location.

Items received will be delivered within 48 hours. Items that need to be stored will be charged a handling fee to put into and take out of storage. You may also make arrangements to pick up items directly from Receiving Services. 

Items received at Receiving Services will be delivered to one location (i.e. loading dock or other main receiving entry for buildings without loading docks) for each department unless Moving Services is employed to deliver to its final destination. The final recipient is responsible for uncrating/unpacking shipments and ensuring they reach their final destination unless Moving Services is contacted to do so. 

Items larger than can be accommodated in our truck (16' x 6.5'wide x 7.5'), or that need handling by forklift anywhere other than the Receiving Services loading dock and all items that take longer than 30 minutes handling to receive may be charged a handling fee.


Please direct all inquiries about expected shipments to In your inquiry, please provide the PO#, unit name, phone number, and vendor name. 

Please Note

Receiving Services does not accept packages for students.

No personal packages may be received for employees.