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ONLINE NOW! – at UCSC Surplus Auctions.  We have plenty more for sale that is not listed here...COME TO THE STORE AND BROWSE Tuesday or Thursday 12-2:30 OR call to make an appointment to pay for or pick up items already purchased. Anything not picked up within 7 working days will be re-sold.

Location: Receiving Services in the H-Barn, located at the base of campus, next to Parking Services (TAPS Sales Office) Directions to the Surplus Store

Store Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12-2:30

Payment: Cash, Check, Debit, Credit- Visa & MasterCard

Contact information 

Store Phone: (831) 459-5589

Customer Service Phone: (831) 459-2354

All property is offered for sale "as is; where is; first come, first served," and subject to sales tax, with no warranty or guarantee as to condition.  The buyer is responsible for determining the condition of property prior to purchase.

The items listed directly below are available to campus and non-campus customers unless it says "campus only."  If not acquired by a campus unit, the item will automatically become available to the general public after 1 month.

Limitation on sales: No one employed in a department originating surplus items, or a near relative of that employee, may purchase items originating from that department. Nor may employees in a Material Management department (Receiving Services, Procurement, Business Contracts, or Equipment Management) or a near relative of that employee, purchase any surplus items. Reference Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-38. 

Item Number





Available Quantity


I00586 Appliances Heaters/Fans Dayton industrial fan 1 50.00
I00385 Computers/Electronics Computers Desktop iMac early/mid 09' 20in 2 120
I00544 Computers/Electronics Computers Desktop Optiflex 960 Windows 7 Pro Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.0GHz 4 GB RAM 250 GB HD 1 45
I00575 Computers/Electronics Computers IMAC 27" 3.4Ghz, Intel Core i7,1TB Hard Drive,8GB Ram, 27" Screen that has a dime size chip out of the right side of the screen cover. 1 500
I00656 Computers/Electronics Computers LEGO Mind Storms Robotic Invention System 1 30.00
I00694 Computers/Electronics Computers Laptops Imac 2009 2.53Ghz Core2,4Gb Ram,256 VRAM,160Gb Drive,13”screen 2 150
I00695 Computers/Electronics Computers Laptops iMac 2009 2.66Ghz Core2,4Gb Ram, 256Mb VRAM, 500Gb Hard Drive. 15”Screen 1 250
I00377 Computers/Electronics DVD Drives SATA DVD drives 13 5
I00381 Computers/Electronics Hard Drives SATA drives of various sizes up to 2tb 21 5
I00378 Computers/Electronics Keyboards Lots of keyboards, limited # of apple keyboards 8 5
I00379 Computers/Electronics Mice Mice. Not the rodent but the computer kind. 49 5
I00383 Computers/Electronics Monitors LCD Lots various monitors 5 25
I00450 Computers/Electronics Power Supply 6 5
I00503 Computers/Electronics Printers HP Laser Jet Pro 400 color printer 1 40.00
I00386 Computers/Electronics Projectors Panasonic projector pt d7500u One has new lamps 2 100
I00616 Computers/Electronics Projectors Epson EMP 8300NL 2 100
I00387 Computers/Electronics RAM Assortment of RAM 1-4gb DDR2/3 27 10
I00382 Computers/Electronics Speakers Various speakers with aux and speaker wire 1 15
I00489 Computers/Electronics Televisions Samsung 63inch plasma tv with remote and owners manuel 1 500.00
I00319 Exercise Equip. Stair Steppers Technogym stair machine 1 250
I00311 Furniture/Office Bookcases Large tan bookcase 3 40
I00481 Furniture/Office Bookcases 5 shelf cherry wood-grain 5 40
I00483 Furniture/Office Bookcases Gray five shelf book case 1 40.00
I00488 Furniture/Office Bookcases 4 shelf tall bookcase 1 40
I00621 Furniture/Office Bookcases 1 40
I00318 Furniture/Office Chairs Folding Blue plastic folding chair with gray metal legs 114 1
I00495 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Office Side Chair. 1 10.00
I00506 Furniture/Office Chairs Office w/o Arms blue fabric,rolling,adj.height 10 25
I00507 Furniture/Office Chairs Side 4 10
I00513 Furniture/Office Chairs Office w/o Arms 9 25
I00522 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Painted wooden side chair 8 10
I00533 Furniture/Office Chairs Office w/o Arms Gray adjustable rolling chair 21 15.00
I00539 Furniture/Office Chairs Office w/ Arms Black Adjustable Office Chair. 4 20.00
I00571 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Chair (black) 1 10
I00626 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Office side chairs 2 10.00
I00629 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Miscellaneous side office chairs 2 10.00
I00641 Furniture/Office Chairs Office w/ Arms 1 25
I00454 Furniture/Office Desks Corner corner desk. Limited height adjustable legs. Legs adjust by moving "pins" inside the leg covers. 1 50
I00527 Furniture/Office Desks Ellipse Off White ellipse non adjustable desk 2 35.00
I00548 Furniture/Office Desks Sit/Stand White electric adjust sit/sand 1 100.00
I00552 Furniture/Office Desks Small ellipse non adjustable desk 2 25.00
I00553 Furniture/Office Desks Medium size non adjustable ellipse desk 1 25.00
I00566 Furniture/Office Desks Small ellipse desk 2 25.00
I00572 Furniture/Office Desks Small ellipse desk with three draw pedestal 1 75.00
I00589 Furniture/Office Desks Large ellipse desk 1 75.00
I00590 Furniture/Office Desks Ellipse desk with three drawers pedestal 1 80.00
I00678 Furniture/Office Desks Small ellipse with 3 drawer pedestal 1 40.00
I00685 Furniture/Office Desks Q Rolling desk 1 35.00
I00687 Furniture/Office Desks Electric adjustable desk 1 100.00
I00688 Furniture/Office Desks Ellipse desk 1 75.00
I00689 Furniture/Office Desks Flat sit/stand 1 85.00
I00691 Furniture/Office Desks Ellipse desk with two drawer pedestal 1 75.00
I00697 Furniture/Office Desks Ellipse desk with drawers 1 60.00
I00405 Furniture/Office Dressers Wooden dresser. Some scuffs and scratches. 1 25
I00486 Furniture/Office Dressers Wooden wardrobe with drawers 4 75.00
I00306 Furniture/Office File Cabinets File Cabinet Large light gray lateral filing cabinet 2 75
I00307 Furniture/Office File Cabinets File Cabinet Large dark green lateral filing cabinet 2 75
I00530 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 5 drawer locking file cabinet 2 50.00
I00650 Furniture/Office File Cabinets Three drawer pedestal 2 20.00
I00693 Furniture/Office File Cabinets Three drawer pedestal 1 40.00
I00639 Furniture/Office Lamps Small table lamp 1 5.00
I00413 Furniture/Office Podiums Rolling podium. Black body with creamy white top. Very good condition. 1 25
I00540 Furniture/Office Shelves Metal book shelf 4 adjustable shelves 1 40.00
I00576 Furniture/Office Shelves Adjustable storage shelf 3 40.00
I00662 Furniture/Office Shelves Adjustable book shelf 7 35.00
I00546 Furniture/Office Storage Cabinets Oak butcher paper holder on rollers 1 20.00
I00686 Furniture/Office Storage Cabinets Four shelf storage cabinet 1 75.00
I00692 Furniture/Office Storage Cabinets Two drawer file/storage cabinet 1 35.00
I00696 Furniture/Office Storage Cabinets Six shelf storage cabinet 2 75.00
I00502 Furniture/Office Tables 5 foot folding table 1 15
I00505 Furniture/Office Tables 10' Conference Table Wood Grain Top 1 150
I00511 Furniture/Office Tables 2 40
I00521 Furniture/Office Tables Wood grain top 1 40
I00622 Furniture/Office Tables 1 75
I00624 Furniture/Office Tables 1 50
I00644 Furniture/Office Tables Small surface with file drawers on left. 1 40
I00645 Furniture/Office Tables Small surface with file drawers on right. 1 40
I00647 Furniture/Office Tables Round office table 3 40.00
I00648 Furniture/Office Tables Round office table 1 35.00
I00649 Furniture/Office Tables Round office table 1 40.00
I00653 Furniture/Office Tables Adjustable corner table 5 20.00
I00664 Furniture/Office Tables Two drawer bedside table 3 20.00
I00665 Furniture/Office Tables Two drawer bedside table 2 20.00
I00690 Furniture/Office Tables Round office table 1 40.00
I00698 Furniture/Office Tables Classic steel table 1 15.00
I00682 Lab Equip. Microscopes Electron JEOL JEM 1200EX TEM Scanning Image Diplsay Device Model EM-ASID10 rotary vacuum pump problem 1 10,000.00
I00464 Machine/Tools/Equip. Generators PG-6 Cummins/DMT 150 kW 3 phase generator needs fuel tank rebuilt at the very least.That is all the information we have. 1 1500
I00465 Machine/Tools/Equip. Generators PG-8 Electromotion/Onan 15kW 1 phase generator needs carburetor rebuild. That is all the information we have. 1 500
I00446 Vehicles Bicycles Huffy Ladies Cruiser S/N AL08K013332 Police#17-811 1 45.00
I00598 Vehicles Bicycles Golden cycles single speed road bike 29” wheel size large Serial # 16TM10500493 1 200.00
I00599 Vehicles Bicycles Gary Fisher 26” wheel MTB needs work or good for parts . Size Medium Serial # GB11121 1 40.00
I00601 Vehicles Bicycles Schwinn beach cruiser 26”wheel Size large Serial # SNTCA06F01014 1 75.00
I00602 Vehicles Bicycles Kids Giant MTB 20” wheel Serial # K32014118 1 50.00
I00603 Vehicles Bicycles Raleigh 26” MTB Size Medium Serial # U38K47113 1 75.00
I00604 Vehicles Bicycles Raleigh Talus 26”wheel. MTB Size medium Serial # U133Z07004 1 75.00
I00607 Vehicles Bicycles Jamis Beach Cruiser Size Medium Serial # HN1234592 1 50.00
I00608 Vehicles Bicycles Unknown single speed road bike Size Large Serial # G1203009992 1 40.00
I00609 Vehicles Bicycles Trayl Dispatch mtb/road bike needs front wheel and brakes Size XL Serial # AB1C01518 1 40.00
I00610 Vehicles Bicycles Schwinn SuperSport 10 speed Size Large Serial # FM32 1 75.00
I00632 Vehicles Bicycles Next Power Climber MTB . Needs front wheel work Size Small Serial # TD1088126382 1 35.00
I00634 Vehicles Bicycles Raleigh Tomahawk MTB Size Large Serial # AV10591378 1 50.00
I00657 Vehicles Bicycles Giant ladies MTB needs work Size small Serial # OR223954 1 20.00
I00658 Vehicles Bicycles Specialized MTB good for parts or build Size small Serial # P9EC10493 1 15.00
I00659 Vehicles Bicycles Diamondback MTB needs chain, seat,and tune up Size medium Serial #05L0079548 1 20.00
I00660 Vehicles Bicycles Unknown MTB 29er. Needs work Size medium Serial #1990728000 1 30.00
I00661 Vehicles Bicycles Rallye trailwinder ladies MTB . Needs work Size small Serial # M9840048566 1 25.00
I00668 Vehicles Bicycles Trek single track MTB for parts Size Large Serial # ITU2023621M 1 20.00
I00669 Vehicles Bicycles Beach cruiser Size Medium Serial # 00091 1 35.00
I00670 Vehicles Bicycles Huffy Blades MTB Good for parts Size medium Serial # 2850592235235377 1 15.00
I00593 Vehicles Trailers Low Boy Trailer Heavy Duty 1 5000