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Receiving Services in the H-Barn, located at the base of campus, next to Parking Services (TAPS Sales Office)  Directions to the Surplus Store

Store Hours of Operation: Closed due to shelter in place orders, check back for updates, check our online listings
Store Phone: (831) 459-5589
Customer Service Phone: (831) 459-4066
Email: receiving@ucsc.edu

Payment: Cash, Check, Debit, Credit- Visa & MasterCard, Recharge/FOAPAL

All property is offered for sale "as is; where is; first come, first served," and subject to sales tax, with no warranty or guarantee as to condition.  The buyer is responsible for determining the condition of property prior to purchase.

The items listed directly below are available to campus and non-campus customers unless it says "campus only."  If not acquired by a campus unit, the item will automatically become available to the general public after 1 month.

Limitation on sales: No one employed in a department originating surplus items, or a near relative of that employee, may purchase items originating from that department. Nor may employees in a Material Management department (Receiving Services, Procurement, Business Contracts, or Equipment Management) or a near relative of that employee, purchase any surplus items. Reference Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-38.  

i01526 Appliances Carpet/Floor Cleaner Floor Scrubber Advance SC800 Walk Behind Scrubber 1 Auction
i01574 Appliances Heaters/Fans Hot Water Booster Heater PowerMax 200 (PM200N) Natural Gas Hot Water Heater. No longer needed in commercial kitchen setting. 210 GPH @100F 1 Auction
i01515 Computer/Electronics Typewriter Typewriter IBM Selectric II with stand,some ribbon and correction tape. Works good and internally debris free. Unit kept with a cover on when not used. 1 200
i00810 Computers/Electronics Cameras Wheel Kit for cases Wheel Kit for Pelican Cases Includes 4 wheels, 4 Mounting plates. Quick and easy removable Casters with 4 Wheels 3 50
i00385 Computers/Electronics Computers Desktop Various Apple iMacs 20in ranging from 2007-2009. Come by if interested in specific specs 1 120
i00617 Computers/Electronics Computers Cables 1 20
i00618 Computers/Electronics Computers Various Computer Parts/cables (ethernet, firewire, USB, VGA, DVI)/power adapters/power strips 17 20
i00377 Computers/Electronics DVD Drives SATA DVD drives 13 5
i00381 Computers/Electronics Hard Drives Various SATA Hard Disk Drives ranging from 250GB-3TB $10 per TB 4 10
i00378 Computers/Electronics Keyboards Assortment of Windows USB keyboards. 4 5
i00379 Computers/Electronics Mice Assortment of mouses 47 5
i00383 Computers/Electronics Monitors LCD Various Dell monitors 6 25
i00450 Computers/Electronics Power Supply Various power supply units! 5 5
i01383 Computers/Electronics Projector Screens Brand New Senior Electrol Projector Screen 1:1 Ratio, 84" x 84" 2 Auction
i00387 Computers/Electronics RAM Assortment of RAM 1-4gb DDR2/3 26 10
i01487 Computers/Electronics Servers ASU Brand new AAstra SPLR (1P) 87L00032AA without ASU-E Server Module and without Hard Drive - DG. No cables included. 4 250
i01380 Dining Equip. Table Steamer Set: Ring Steamer Ring 22 3
i01381 Dining Equip. Table Steamer Ring w Rack Steamer Ring, has a metal rack. 20 3
i01382 Dining Equip. Table Steamer Steamer Lid 14 3
i00311 Furniture/Office Bookcases Large tan bookcase 1 40
i00988 Furniture/Office Bookcases Tall cream metal bookcase 1 40
i01015 Furniture/Office Bookcases bookcase 1 10
i01498 Furniture/Office Bookcases 6 shelf book wooden bookcase 1 40
i00986 Furniture/Office Chairs Side 9 Wood Chairs w/ Purple Fabric Coverings H[30] | W[18] | D[19] 9 1
i01138 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Office Side Chair - Blue 2 15
i01248 Furniture/Office Chairs Office w/ Arms chairs rolling with arms 1 25
i01264 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Grey chairs 3 20
i01388 Furniture/Office Chairs Dining Chair Wood Dining Chair 2 20
i01454 Furniture/Office Chairs Side Gray soft side chairs 2 15
i01490 Furniture/Office Cloth Rolls Textile Maharam textile in smoke. Application: Systems and Walls, Acoustical Interior $20/yard or best offer 1 20
i01491 Furniture/Office Cloth Rolls Textile Maharam textile in zinc. Application: Systems and Walls, Acoustical Interior $20/yard or best offer 1 20
i01492 Furniture/Office Cloth Rolls Textile Maharam textile in vega. Application: Systems and Walls, Acoustical Interior $20/yard or best offer 1 20
i01184 Furniture/Office Cubicle Partition Walls Misc Cubicle walls 9 20
i00552 Furniture/Office Desks Small ellipse non adjustable desk 1 25.00
i00185 Furniture/Office File Cabinets Large lateral grey filing cabinet 1 75
i00998 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 3 drawer vertical cabinet 1 65
i01079 Furniture/Office File Cabinets H[52] | W[42] | D[18] 1 60.00
i01080 Furniture/Office File Cabinets Map Case These are actually going fast, great for blueprint storage, art storage, maps, very heavy solid very good sliding drawers. 14 100
i01258 Furniture/Office File Cabinets Five door file cabinet 6 60.00
i01497 Furniture/Office File Cabinets Lateral file 1 100
i01502 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 5 drawer flat filing cabinet 1 100
i01503 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 5 drawer flat filing cabinet w/ extra storage at base 1 100
i01505 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 5 drawer lateral filing cabinet 1 100
i01509 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 5 drawer flat filing cabinet 1 100
i01510 Furniture/Office File Cabinets 5 drawer flat flinging cabinet 1 100
i01484 Furniture/Office Podiums Book Stand Wood Podium with metal legs. Shelves available upon request as supplies last. 7 80
i00576 Furniture/Office Shelves Adjustable storage shelf H[65] | W[36] | D[15] 1 40.00
i01358 Furniture/Office Storage Cabinets Map Storage Cabinet Large Map cabinet 1 300
i01488 Furniture/Office Storage Cabinets Vending Machine School Supplies Vending Machine. 32 selections 1 4300
i00728 Furniture/Office Tables Steelcase table 1 40
i01059 Furniture/Office Tables Short table Wood Coffee Table - Great For Coffee and Board Games! Dimensions H[11] | W[14] | D[30] 1 20.00
i01493 Furniture/Office Tables Medium Walnut Finish on Maple Wood Table 1 100
i01483 Lab Equip. Other Stuff Livescan Fingerprint Machine Identix Livescan Fingerprint Machine Turns on. Works intermittently. Needs Maintenance. Cables included. 1 995.00
i01486 Lab Equip. Other Stuff Heated Bath Circulator Lauda M20 heated bath circulator. Heating range: 20*C - 100*C High quality stainless steel heating coil with large surface area resulting in maximum heat transfer. 1 750
i01259 Machine/Tools/Equip. Auto Tools Floor Jack Manual floor jack 1 150.00
i00712 Machine/Tools/Equip. Moving Big Joe Battery powered lift $75 additional fee for us to prep for shipping or loading 1 200
i01524 Machine/Tools/Equip. Outdoor/Garden Hustler Diesel Mower Hi-Lift Bac-Vac (Year/2001 - I think) NOT FOR SALE IN CALIFORNIA Mower retired from the Fleet at 2582.1 hours of use and cannot be sold,used or reside in the state of California due to CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliance. This mower must be transported out of California and may not return to the state for any reason. Mower is missing the collection tube from mowing deck to the Bac-Vac and the battery has also been removed. Reported as running when it was parked. I have no other information about this mower and it is being sold as is where is with no warranty or guarantee. 1 Auction
i01575 Machine/Tools/Equip. Woodshop Tools Rockwell Delta 15" Radial Arm Saw 1964 Vintage. This saw was taken out of service in working condition. Blade needs replacement. 7.5 HP,3Phase, 220V@19amps or 440V@9.5amps. 1 Auction
i01365 Miscellaneous Bin Toddler Cot Stackable Kiddie Cot for Toddlers. 15 2
i01300 Miscellaneous Cardboard tubes $15 each or make offer for lots of 5 or 10 45 15
Last Updated: 6/23/2020