Surplus Store

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Property is offered for sale "as is; where is; first come, first served," and subject to sales tax, with no warranty or guarantee as to condition. The buyer is responsible for determining the condition of property prior to purchase.

Surplus Donations for Non-Profit Organizations and Accredited Public Schools

To apply for surplus donations as a non-profit organization or an accredited public school, please complete this form.

Restrictions: Who Can Purchase Surplus Property?

  • No one employed in a material management department (Receiving Services, Procurement and Business Contracts, or Equipment Administration) or a near relative of that employee, may purchase any surplus items.
  • No one employed in a department originating excess material, or a near relative of such employee, may buy any excess material originating in that department directly from the University.
  • The principal driver of a University-owned motor vehicle, or a near relative of such employee, may not buy such motor vehicle directly from the University.

Near relative is defined as husband, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, and step-relatives and in-laws in the same relationships.